Sujata Prasad NJ
    Sujata Prasad NJ

    Sujata Prasad

    NJ, New Jersey

    Sujata Prasad is a nurse practitioner in New Jersey with over 10 years of experience. She practiced in a  variety of health care settings including treating patients with a variety of illnesses and injuries. A background in functional medicine provides a broader understanding of the interconnected complexity of diseases and the underlying causes.

    Sujata was born and raised outside the United States and is highly adaptive to changing environments and demands. Before starting a nursing career in the United States, she was a veterinary surgeon and worked in an outpatient clinic for  2 yrs. She moved to New Jersey and received her Bachelor of Science in nursing in 2010 from Fairleigh Dickinson University. She officially started her career as a registered nurse in September of 2011 taking care of patients in the telemetry med-Surge unit where she would take admissions. She demonstrates competency in thorough assessment and identification of physical health of all age groups. She received the highest in-patient satisfaction scores over a course of several months and continually achieved higher than 95  percent on patient satisfaction surveys. 

    Sujata considers herself a forever student and received her master's in nursing from Kean University in 2020. Her decision to go back to school to complete her master's degree was the culmination of a lifelong dream. Sujata is always striving to improve her nursing skills with excellent verbal and written communication skills that assist in educating her patients and providing the highest level of patient care. 

    Sujata Prasad currently resides in New Jersey.

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    Master of Science in Nursing 


    Kean University 


    Bachelor of Science in Nursing  


    Fairleigh Dickinson University 


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